Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chapter 52 : She's My V@lentin3?


She begging for away out, for her to runaway until the end of the road. Let me sorrow alone without knowing what going inside of me. She is a plague in my mind, wondering and suffering all thought in colourful of love. Im dying in my own consciousness, stop by another stupid imagination that me and her gonna be together like pair of butterfly.Im chosen the path that will kill my heart. Among a million star, i picked that small and cute star for my heart. Why the stupid mind kept a thousand frame of her face and its hard to delete each frames? im sober with thing called love. jumping into paradise that full with anonymous happiness. someone make all stop, for to be rest in peace for a minute or two. Freak me out, freak me out and freak me out from this pain, stop this hatred, malice and bleed. Why all human must have emotion!? just left me behind and out from this world!

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