Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chapter 88: seketika merindu...

Seketika Merindu...

semalam dia berkata padaku, 
bilakah lagi kita dapat bertemu,
hanya untuk melepaskan rindu,
setelah kian lama terpendam,

hatiku mula terasa begitu terharu,
walaubagaimanapun ia juga keliru,
siapakah aku yang sebenarnya,
sedangkan aku hanyalah lalang,

menyambut segala tawanya,
hilang bila dalam dukanya?
aku yang tiada apa lagi,
hanya mampu menanti dia saja,

biar aku berubah seketika,
biarkan ia menjadi rindu seketika...

Chapter 87 :Ezzaier to say..

Ezzaier to say....

hey you.... 
the one who make me smile,
and wondering why i never met you?
sad piercing to thru broken heart,
and i know you will be beside me,

but now it the same anymore,
you're gone like air after my breathe,
make my wish by blowing candle,
so that you came back to be real,

another stranger in my life again,
hoping she was different or more,
but it just end up like this,
for she come and go easily.......

good bye...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chapter 86 : MoveOn Ana

MoveOn Ana

like he sang over and over, 
please die Ana,
not for me just for you,
complicated it may seem,

don't want to be your easy choice, 
of revenge and hatred anymore,
let make it simple and easy choice,
just make him your up and down,

don't pray for thunder to curse the earth, 
with lightning sword forever, 
let the rain wash away all the pain,
so that the rainbow will make you smile, 

just be ana, no one else but ana...

Chapter 85 : Tengku Balqis

Tengku Balqis

flawless without sins,
i saw her in her deep true skin, 
calm running with her word,
tender and stay inside of me,

cruel to world with no ending,
because lie is just left in her,
sarcastically she just a portrait, 
without an artist to draw her,

not a sketch can carry her faith, 
be torn to lip of pure sweetness,
no body can see me now,
another chapter of my life maybe...