Friday, June 24, 2011

Chapter 54 : Tawa dalam Sedih

Tawa kerana Sedih

Hidup diibaratkan seperti anjing,
Menunggu si jelita untuk membaling kayu,
Sesudah dibaling kayu ke sana,
Anjing membawa kayu ke jelita semula,

Tanpa dihiraukan si anjing keletihan,
Terus si jelita membaling kayu lagi,
Si anjing membawa ke jelita semula,
Si anjing mengharapkan belaian dan tawa,

Tapi semuanya hanyalah angan-angan,
Apakah manusia itu indah tapi rapuh,
Atau anjing it terus mencuba,
Tanpa menghiraukan perasaan si jelita,

 Biarkan ia menjadi entah, biarkan ia tidak patah,
Kerana kita hanya merancang sahaja..

I don't why in still love with her. Maybe too stupid or just human nature, akan lakukan sesuatu yang betul2 gila untuk cinta. Dia pun asyik cakap ade laki len nk try couple gan dia. Dengan kata len, ak kena undur pergi kot. hahahaha. kalo suh lupekan ak, msti dia ckp susah nk lupakan ak n kena mati baru leh lupekan ak.. So the plan is simple tonight, malam kita patah2 hati dia sampai die benci ak gle2, sampai die benci sebenci bencinya kepada aku agar dia dapat lupekan aku.. Sape setuju?? terima kasih kepada mak cik duduk di sudut tu kerana setuju dengan cadangan saya!! hahaha.. So anyway wish me luck for tonight!! ak akhiri smua ini dengan sometimes love is stronger than death.. About the picture kat atas ini, time ni ak terduduk slama 2-3 jam kat PWTC tak tau nk bwat ape coz tergamam n duit pun dh kering kontang, slamat ade brother dr  Perak berborak gan ak..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chapter 53 : Pretty Pretty Words! lol

Splay - Drawing Day

An angel without wings said
The map showing the way back home had been lost
Feeling powerless, I took up a paintbrush
And added water to the dried paints

Even if these eyes lose their light
I'll keep drawing
Even if this arm loses its strength
I'll keep drawing

A proud stray cat laughed
He laughed at me as I struggled to live
Upon a narrow, small palette
Without colours mixing, my intention grows stronger

It's a dark and cold world, but
I'll keep drawing
A picture of the brightly blazing sun piercing through
I'll keep drawing

 What can be done for someone else's sake?
Even that much, again, from now on
 Even if these eyes lose their light
I'll keep drawing
Even if this arm loses its strength

I'll keep drawingIt's like everything is wrapped up in this colour
A prayer that encompasses every wish

hahaha.. just few days ago, i heard the song and saw the translation.. and i speak to myself, what a wonderful world! YEAH!!!!!!! suddenly i became so high with this song and like a magic with a bunny inside the hat. how the the heck they make all this awesome lyrics?? that make me wonder, what totally inspired the lyricist to create such a beautiful word and totally plague the world with just using words.. like the bee gees said it only words, only words they have to million dollar!!! lol.. Actually me english no good.. Tapi ak rase pelik, slalu ak tertaksub tengok kata-kata yang diluah dalam sebuah lagu, walau sesimple ane pun ayat dia mesti makan dalam gile2 kat hati.. Maybe sebab makan hati ayam... hahahaha.. no matter how hard we try, the world always playing with our mind and soul, and only god knows why.. tapi bagi aku, kalo nak luahkan sesuatu perkara yang dinama chenta itu, memang sukar untuk ditulis, dibaca, dinyanyi sebab ia terlalu indah dan berasal syurga.. soalan tentang chenta tu ade kat ane-ane pun, tapi jawapan dia sentiasa ade kat hati kite walaupun nenek hang tak tau! just don't give up! kejar aje chenta tu biarpun berjuta batu jauhnya.. Just keep on drawing...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chapter 52 : She's My V@lentin3?


She begging for away out, for her to runaway until the end of the road. Let me sorrow alone without knowing what going inside of me. She is a plague in my mind, wondering and suffering all thought in colourful of love. Im dying in my own consciousness, stop by another stupid imagination that me and her gonna be together like pair of butterfly.Im chosen the path that will kill my heart. Among a million star, i picked that small and cute star for my heart. Why the stupid mind kept a thousand frame of her face and its hard to delete each frames? im sober with thing called love. jumping into paradise that full with anonymous happiness. someone make all stop, for to be rest in peace for a minute or two. Freak me out, freak me out and freak me out from this pain, stop this hatred, malice and bleed. Why all human must have emotion!? just left me behind and out from this world!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter 51 : How lovely is love??

I do , I do, I do or adoi!! so how care about your love when other is busy hoping for another love to easy came and easy go. Without know that just heaven are the cure but did you know that heaven just lies for us to chase until the end of the world. She just crying for love more, more and more until death come to hi! and Lucy from hell try to seduce her with his temptation of luxury full with suffer and hatred. Cruel to this world for her, cruel that man just masked of an angel, cruel that love without passion and desire to slash all the pain her have and to lost in her past. Why must burden herself? nothing in this world will never make her smile again, just a fake smile will haunting her face over and over and over again. She will be another actress that gonna be famous and cheerful, don't forget about the bling bling! So many question that will be answer by question, face the reality so that you will be someone more useful and stop day dreaming eventhought the nature of human will be the same, human will never that any care of their belonging until the day it all vanish including love. So in the end, we can see that need each other to remind ourself that the world will mad at us for our doing. Stop doing something stupid our life!!!!!!!! Evol efil ekil spil fo seil!! EURT EVOL SI LUFITUAEB!!!  <<<<<<<