Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter 51 : How lovely is love??

I do , I do, I do or adoi!! so how care about your love when other is busy hoping for another love to easy came and easy go. Without know that just heaven are the cure but did you know that heaven just lies for us to chase until the end of the world. She just crying for love more, more and more until death come to hi! and Lucy from hell try to seduce her with his temptation of luxury full with suffer and hatred. Cruel to this world for her, cruel that man just masked of an angel, cruel that love without passion and desire to slash all the pain her have and to lost in her past. Why must burden herself? nothing in this world will never make her smile again, just a fake smile will haunting her face over and over and over again. She will be another actress that gonna be famous and cheerful, don't forget about the bling bling! So many question that will be answer by question, face the reality so that you will be someone more useful and stop day dreaming eventhought the nature of human will be the same, human will never that any care of their belonging until the day it all vanish including love. So in the end, we can see that need each other to remind ourself that the world will mad at us for our doing. Stop doing something stupid our life!!!!!!!! Evol efil ekil spil fo seil!! EURT EVOL SI LUFITUAEB!!!  <<<<<<<

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