Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 56 : I can't make her real

I can’t make her real

Cry for another mercy,
Cry for another love,
Cry for another her,
She without her perfect lies,

Begging for her voice,
Like an angel set to kill,
Killing all my loneliness,
To put away sadness,

Pure with her blade,
Opening my heart deeper,
For her beautiful heart,
To be together forever,

If only she was real,
If only she was a human,
If only time can wait,
Let sorrow be forever…

  hurt that maybe the only word can describe me right now. Cruel how can world be so cruel.. acting like an angel but inside a devil try kill my heart. maybe cupid is stupid, or maybe not, or just me playing stupid.. im freaking to find the way out. no more hoping, at the last dawn, i pray it to stop.. stop from killing me, stop before it to late.. mercy mercy jeoperdizing for her mercy. why the sorrow haunting, why loneliness be my best friend, is she a machine gun??? writing a deed without sins, crawling from heaven just to be in hell again again and again.. dance little angel, for her cry with melody, with symphony, with pain that called joy. looping to the end of the world, eventhought it will come to me. goodbye poet, goodbye poem, goodbye to her.. 

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